Subcontractor’s Safety Procedures & Documents (Mandatory Requirements)

Each subcontractor of Renokrew, and any of its sub-subcontractors are required to provide detailed procedures and safety documentation prior to mobilization and start up on any of Renokrew’s sites. Subcontractors are required to review, acknowledge and submit a complete Sub Contractor Package prior to start up on site. Subcontractor Packages are readily available at our Head Office and shall be provided and executed as a mandatory requirement to our Health and Safety Program. A Subcontractor Pre-Project Start Up Checklist is also a mandatory requirement, and readily available for all subcontractors.

Renokrew requires the following documentation prior to arrival on site:

1. Reviewed and executed Sub Contractor Package & Acknowledgement of Renokrew’s H/S Policy, Rules and Procedures.
2. FORM 1000
3. Certificate of Insurance naming RENOKREW as additional insured
4. Valid WSIB Certificate of Clearance (Worker’s Compensation)
5. Health & Safety Policy (signed and dated current to within one year)
6. Health & Safety Program
7. Violence & Harassment Policy (signed and dated current to within one year)
8. Declaration of Employer Orientation for each worker
9. Safety Data Sheets

On Site:

Documents required on site (Submitted Weekly):
1. Daily Pre-Job Hazard Assessment submitted within one hour of crew arrival.
2. Tool Box Talk

Inspections (As Required):
1. Boom Lift & Scissor Lift Inspection (Daily)
2. Excavator & Skidsteer Inspection (Daily)
3. Fall Protection Daily Inspection (Daily)
4. Forklift Inspection (Daily)
5. Scaffold Inspection
6. Welding Equipment (Daily)

Please Note: All JHA & Inspection forms are readily available at our project site offices and discussed as mandatory requirements at our Pre-Project Start Ups.

Documentation to Accompany Workers:
1. Certificate of Qualifications / Proof of Training
2. WHMIS 2015 Training Certification
3. Working at Heights Training Certification
4. MOL Worker Awareness Training
5. MOL Supervisor Awareness Training for Site Foreman
6. Workplace Harassment & Violence Awareness
7. Trade or Task Specific Training
8. First Aid (One Certified First Aid Person per crew at minimum)
9. Safe Work Procedures (Fall Protection, Rescue, LO/TO, Traffic Control, etc.)

All questions and concerns should be addressed to our head office, or directly to our Health and Safety Representative.

Whenever expired documents are renewed and updated, it is the subcontractor’s responsibility to ensure that updated documents are submitted to

Failure to provide these documents in a timely manner may result in being denied entry to the work site.

Site Orientations will be held for all Subcontractors on every project.

All workers must receive site orientation prior to commencing work on site.

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